Italian Minister Demands Removal Of "Offensive" App

A minister in the Italian government has hit out against the What Country app on Apple’s App Store, demanding the removal of the "offensive" application.

Italian tourism minister Michela Vittoria Brambilla has shown her displeasure against the What Country application in Apple’s iTunes App Store, in which Italy has been described as a home to Pizza, scooters, pasta and the mafia, the Telegraph reports.

"Italy is a beacon in world for its history, culture and style. I cannot allow our country to be discredited by having it represented by a criminal organisation. For this reason I have asked Apple to withdraw the application,” said the minister, who has asked the government attorneys to take a legal action against the names behind such an application.

The description of the app on iTunes website clearly states that it is not a travel guide, it does not consist of facts and is meant for fun only. The developers have asked users not to take the app seriously.