Kinect Will Need Tidy, Quiet Room Says Microsoft

Microsoft has posted a how-to video for its forthcoming Kinect motion controller for the Xbox 360 and provided some hints as to what might affect the way it works.

In it, Larry Hryb, from Xbox Live, points to some of the variables that can affect the way the Kinect registers body movement and human motion in general.

Microsoft suggests that since Kinect need to scan the room's floor prior to playing, any object lying around may reduce its accuracy.

In other words, Kinect need to have a clear line of sight and gamers may need to move away coffee tables, dirty socks and empty bottles, all of which are potential hazards anyway.

Users will also need to have a well, evenly lit room; this rules out playing the Kinect in the dark with the chasing Christmas tree lights at the back or risk confusing the controller.

Similarly, a quiet environment is essential for voice recognition, which means that playing loud music or placing the Kinect next to speakers is something to be avoided at all costs.

The peripheral will be launched in November and carries a suggested retail price of £130. It will be interesting to find out how it copes during parties and with multiple players.