Microsoft Bing Engineering Manager To Join Yahoo

A manager in-charge of Bing's engineering team has left Microsoft to join Yahoo.

According to tech news site ZD Net blogger Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft has confirmed the departure of Don Bradford, an Engineering Manager for client user experience at Microsoft’s search engine Bing.

Bradford, who joined the Redmond-based software maker in 1998, left the company in 2004 to work as the vice president of Scalix, only to return the next year as general manager for the Macintosh Web Development team.

Since his joining a decade ago, Bradford has managed several projects at Microsoft including the Bing engineering team, Hotmail, Windows Live and MSN.

Currently, Bradford is working on managing Bing user experience for clients and product development on technologies including PC, tablet and servers.

“Yes, Don is leaving. We wish him well in his new endeavours,” stated the spokesman for Microsoft.

Leading web company Yahoo has also confirmed that Bradford will soon join the company, however it did not disclose the details of his rank and job profile.