Microsoft Boosts Hotmail Security

Microsoft has announced new security measures to curb the rapidly increasing number of Hotmail accounts being compromised by hackers.

The company has introduced new ways to secure the user's password and allow them to recover a hijacked account effectively.

The Redmond-based software giant, with at least 360 million users running Hotmail accounts globally, has announced the latest features for its accounts settings, enabling users to prevent their e-mail accounts from being hacked, and recover it if already exploited, PC World reports.

On Monday Microsoft introduced Hotmail users to two new features, Trusted PC and mobile phone number in order to protect or reclaim an e-mail account.

The first feature allows users to set a secure desktop as a primary point of access for the e-mail account. Hotmail will send alerts to user if the account is accessed from an unusual source.

The second feature enable Hotmail to send a secret code as text for users to reset their password and block the hackers from accessing the account, in order to reclaim it easily and quickly.

“These updates help you protect your password and, in the unlikely event that a hijacker gains access to your account, provide a more secure recovery path to get your account back and kick the hijackers out,” wrote John Scarrow, in a company’s blog post.