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Microsoft Planning Office 2010 For Mobile?

Details of a Microsoft Office 2010 phone project have emerged in Spain, involving Sony Ericsson and Vodafone.

The Nextweb (opens in new tab) says that the phone is the Aspen, the nearest thing Sony Ericsson has in its portfolio to a business handset, one with a Blackberry like form factor.

Surprisingly enough, the phone is powered by Windows Mobile 6.5.3, not Windows Phone 7, and will ,squarely aim business users by offering a range of compelling features.

These include the ability to synchronise seamlessly with the corporate server and with any Windows-based computers.

It seems that Microsoft will be focusing on consumers first with Windows Phone 7 and hoping for an Apple-like process to occur with users encouraging their IT Department to plugin the device.

The fact that there won't be any push for Blackberry-like devices at launch and the emphasis Microsoft placed on consumer services like Zune only serve to confirm this.

There's a video below of the Microsoft Office 2010 phone in action.

Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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