Microsoft Security Essentials Gains 30 Million Users In One Year

Microsoft’s free anti virus software package, Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) has proved to be successful in protecting personal computer systems over the past year.

Experts at PC World have revealed that MSE provides real time protection against malicious trojans, malware, viruses and spyware, without using up resources of the system.

According to tech news site Tech Radar, the one year old software program, which received a luke-warm reception due to the moderate success of its predecessor One Care, has proved itself successful with at least 30 millions Windows users utilising the service.

"The philosophy behind MSE was that it would be a pure anti-malware product, so it can run on older machines, netbooks, anything really. Performance was important and keeping people secure was important,” said Cliff Evans, product manager of MSE at Redmond.

MSE relies upon the company’s Malware Protection Engine to protect the system. It disables Windows Defender after installation and updates itself with Microsoft Security Centre immediately.

The program has received an average 4.5 points on the scale of six during its analysis at