New Phone Technology Monitors Emotional Behaviour

New mobile phone technology can help psychologists understand how the behaviour, mood and emotions of a person alter with changes in surroundings, time, place or relationship.

The research, which has been conducted by researchers at the Cambridge University in collaboration with St. Andrews University, has led to the development of software for mobile phones that easily reveals how a person's emotions vary with his surroundings, the Daily Mail reports.

Emotion Sense Speech Recognition System uses in-built sensors to match the voice of user speaking on phone with those 14 voice samples pre-recorded in the phone.

The samples have been categorised in to five broad emotions, happiness, fear, sadness, anger and neutral.

“Everyone has a mobile phone, so potentially they are perfect tool if you want to track the behavior or emotional condition of large numbers of people. It is a completely non-intrusive means of achieving that which also respects privacy,” said Dr. Cecilia Mascolo, chief researcher.