News@10: Apple TV, Google Instant Blacklist & Nintendogs Blamed For Dog Attack

RIM has confirmed that QNX, the real time operating system that powers the new Playbook device, will replace Blackberry OS across its range of products although no definitive time frame has been laid down.

Google Instant promised to shave off seconds by suggesting appropriate search terms before a user finished typing a query, but, the suggested terms do not include certain offensive and strange words.

The blacklisted words include naked, tentacle and a collection of sexual and racist phrases.

A dissection of the Apple TV, Apple's latest gadget, has confirmed our thoughts, that it looks just like its cousins, the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod Touch, only that it doesn't have a screen and doesn't come with a battery.

The game Nintendogs has been blamed for prompting a pet dog to attack a nine year old girl, ripping her upper lip apart.The grandmother of nine year old Megan Walker has blamed Nintendogs, a video game title for the Nintendo DS, for causing her own pet bull mastiff to attack her granddaughter, biting her lip off.

New mobile phone technology can help psychologists understand how the behaviour, mood and emotions of a person alter with changes in surroundings, time, place or relationship.