Next Debuts £180 10-inch Android Tablet

High street retailer Next, which is better known for its clothing and home accessories department, has quietly launched a tablet device that boosts some rather impressive features although some corners have been cut.

The aptly-named Next 10-inch tablet has a 10-inch 1024x600 pixels resistive display, so you will need to press harder on the screen to log your actions and multi-touch is a no-no.

Eurodroid - which reported it first - writes that it comes with an ARM11-based SoC running at 1GHz with 256MB DDR2 RAM, 8GB onboard storage, Wi-Fi, up to three hours battery life, built in accelerometer, and a microSD card reader.

As expected, it is powered by Android OS version 2.1 (yep!) and weighs just under 700g. Compared to the iPad, it is slightly thicker, costs way less, sports one USB port but has a dismally low battery life and less memory.

The tablet appears to be a clone of the Elonex eTouch which can be found for £179 at SVP; that particular model though comes with 2GB onboard storage though.