Nintendo Delays 3DS Because Of Demand Fears

In what could well be one of the oddest statements issued by the CEO of a major tech company this year, Satory Iwata, the President of Nintendo, said that the 3DS console was delayed because of fears it would not be able to produce enough units to meet demand.

He told the WSJ that "One hurdle is that people cannot understand the positives of the 3DS without getting their hands on it." after prudently saying that "While the 3-D has been well-received, we are not overly optimistic".

Iwata did confirm that the company wanted the 3DS to go on sale in time for the holiday retail window but this won't happen, leaving Nintendo with no other option than shipping it in February 2011, at a time where most shoppers will still be recovering from having spent too much in the previous months.

Arguably, the same principles did not prevent Nintendo from launching the Wii gaming console, a device that was so popular that even nearly four years after it launched in Europe, it is still regularly plagued by stock issues.

Ditto for the Apple iPhone and the iPad; indeed one could argue that demand outstripping supply is a healthy sign that a product is popular.