TomTom Unveils Traffic Manifesto

In-car navigation system manufacturer Tom Tom has unveiled the Traffic Manifesto, along with Tom Tom HD Traffic 4.0, which is aimed at cutting journey time by 5 per cent.

The Traffic Manifesto is a global attempt to reduce traffic and journey times by using the new HD Traffic navigation system, which is capable of reporting a problem to the driver within 2 minutes of discovering it.

According to the company, if only 10 per cent of drivers use the HD Traffic navigation system, they can collectively reduce traffic time by a significant 5 per cent.

To some it might look like a marketing gimmick to promote the new product, but going through the Traffic Manifesto gives a clear impression that Tom Tom is out to not only curb traffic, but to also prevent the adverse impact traffic has on lives of individuals and economy as a whole.

CEO Harold Goddijn said: “When we started TomTom we said we needed to understand this issue. It's now time to start changing conventional wisdom. I don't think that's the case...I think we can change traffic and do something about it."