Windows 7 phones from Samsung... it's official

In what could quite possibly be the most pointless media announcement ever, Samsung has stunned precisely no-one by proclaiming that it will release a number of mobile handsets powered by Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series.

The main reason why nobody here at THINQ - or anywhere else in the world, for that matter - is falling off of their chair in shock, is that every time a Microsoftie has wheeled out a half-baked tech demo of the agonisingly slow-to-appear mobile operating system, it has been installed on a Samsung handset.

Winphone 7, as we have decided to call it from now on, ignoring Microsoft's unnecessarily long moniker, will be installed on a range of Samsung smartphones and will include all of the promised stuff like Xbox Live, Office, Zune and Bing.

Spokesmen from both companies were wheeled out to mumble platitudes in each other's direction, including phrases like: "For years, Samsung has been a key partner in bringing new Windows phones to customers all over the world" - "Windows Phone 7 is an important release and we look forward to deepening our collaboration" - “The addition of Windows Phone 7 devices to Samsung’s smartphone portfolio is a significant milestone" and "Samsung’s new Windows Phone 7-based smartphones will play a key role in reinforcing Samsung’s leadership in the smartphone...”

You get the picture.