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6 Reasons The N900 Is Better Than The Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 is already available for preorder at a number of online retailers and the Finnish company has confirmed that the handset is started to ship from mainland China to customers.

The handset, the first to come with the Symbian^3 operating system, is the current top dog at Nokia and will compete with the X6, the N97 and the E7 when it is finally launched.

However, we would still stick to an old favourite, the Nokia N900, should be have to choose between the two Nokia handsets, for at least five good reasons.

The N900 comes with 32GB onboard memory and another 32GB can be added thanks to a microSD card while the N8 only comes with 16GB.

While both smartphones have a 3.5-inch screen, the N900 has a much higher resolution, 800x480 pixels, compared to 640x360 pixels for the N8.

Both have 256MB RAM but the N900 can boost it up to 1GB thanks to virtual memory; doing so ensures a smoother mobile experience.

Ditto for the processor; The N900 uses a Cortex A8-based processor which is clocked at 600MHz while the N8 is powered by an ARM11-based processor which means that the former should vastly outperform the latter.

We also liked the fact that the N900 has a proper keyboard (and a kickstand) while you're limited to the onscreen virtual keyboard for the N8.

Then there's the fact that the N900 is cheaper than the N8 SIM Free (£389 vs £429) and significantly cheaper on contracts. T-Mobile for example sells the phone with 600 minutes, 500 texts and unlimited internet for £25 per month whereas the cheapest contract for the N8 costs £35 per month.

Things will certainly change when the E7 comes to the market, but until then, unless you're yearning for a much better camera (like the 12MP model on the N8), the N900 is likely to be the better bet.