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Apple TV gets early jailbreak action

Most people haven't even had their Apple TV gadgets delivered yet, but hackers are already reporting that the diminutive set-top box has already succumbed to the latest jailbreak.

Dev Team member MuscleNerd has posted a short video exposing the digital innards of the £99 device and running a finagled firmware.

The well-known hacker has also let slip that he has cracked the device's encryption keys but it's likely to be some time before a user-installable exploit makes it into the world.

Rumour has it that the jailbreak was engineered using the SHAttered jailbreak and the device's mini USB port, but that has yet to confirmed by anyone with sufficient credibility to make it anything other than a rumour.

Jailbreaking Apple TV could open up the device to the huge library of iOS4 Apps currently available through iTunes and many others not approved by the Cupertino Cabal.

You can see the inevitable blurry-cam video below.