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Assange: the Pentagon's out to get us

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange tipped up in London yesterday to blast the Pentagon over its attempts to silence the whistle-blowing web site.

"I need to express the seriousness of the attack against this media organisation," AFP reports he told an audience at London's City University.

Referring to Wiklieaks' publications of some 77,000 secret documents covering operations in Afghanistan, he said the Pentagon had demanded, "that we destroy, totally destroy, our previous publications, including that Afghan publication.

"The Pentagon is trying to get up an espionage case and destroy our organisation," he complained, as if he was surprised.

The outfit has been attacked for potentially endangering the lives of Afghan collaborators with the publication of the documents, as if the 'war' itself was human-friendly.

Many of the files showed how civilians were being slaughtered by American forces and their deaths covered up.

The outfit has a further 15,000 documents being readied for publication. Whether the current site outage can be thought to herald the imminent publication of these remains to be be seen. Let's hope so.

"We do not have a goal of innocent people being harmed. We have precisely the opposite goal," Assange said.