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Dozens Charged Over $3 Million Zeus Scam

United States prosecutors have charged more than 60 individuals for conducting bank frauds amounting to more than $3 million stolen using a malicious malware across the globe.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Attorney of Manhattan, southern New York, have charged dozens of people who used the malicious Zeus malware to steal more than $3 million from bank accounts across the country, reports the Financial Times.

The move follows the massive crackdown conducted by the high tech team of the Metropolitan Police in London, arresting at least 19 individuals for looting more than £6 million from bank accounts of dozens of members of the British society.

Twenty one separate cases have been filed to accuse 37 offenders, which include both managers and recruiters of the alleged mule organisation.

"The digital age brings with it many benefits, but also many challenges for law enforcement and our financial institutions. The modern, high-tech bank heist does not require a gun or a getaway car. It requires only Internet and ingenuity," said New York Attorney General Preet Bahara in a statement issued.