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Google Adds Latin To Translation Service

Google on Thursday launched a Latin translation tool for its automated translation service.

The Mountain View-based Internet search giant has announced the addition of Latin to the list of languages supported by its automatic translation feature, termed as Google Translate, reports the Telegraph.

According to a blog post written by a senior engineer at Google, Jakob Uszkoreit, Latin is the 58th language to be supported by Google Translate, and it is the only supported language that is no longer used in the modern world, except in one or two cases. The post is written entirely in Latin.

"We are excited to announce our first translation system for a language with no native speakers at all. Most of the text that will ever be written in Latin has already been written and translated into other languages," Uszkoreit wrote in the blog.

According to the company, the Latin translation service will prove to be useful for at least 100,000 US-based students who learn the classical language every year.