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Google Liquid Galaxy Project Open Sourced

Google has open sourced its Liquid Galaxy project, a part of its Google Earth program, in a bid to offer it to the public.

Liquid Galaxy has been demonstrated by Google in numerous tech conferences and involves a set-up of eight 55-inch LCD TVs. Google has even installed it in the Tech Museum in California.

Writing on the Google blog, the company said: “We love watching people try it for the first time. Almost everybody wants to see their own house first; but then they start to explore, and we can never guess where they’ll choose to go next.”

However, Google no longer wishes to cart it around to every event and felt that it was not reaching people in the way the company wanted it to.

The company has therefore decided to release the code for Liquid Galaxy along with the latest release of Google Earth.

Google has also included the Ubuntu sysadmin scripts and the mechanical design of the custom frames in the open source release.

The whole set-up is supposed to cost anything between £46,000 to £51,000 but Google has said that it is not necessary to use eight 55 inch LCD screens.