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Google Reportedly Readying JPEG Alternative

Reports suggest that Google is ready with an alternative to the existing JPEG file format, set to boost the speed of Internet.

Google is reportedly planning to replace the JPEG image format system with a newly developed graphics image display format, termed as WebP, tech news site Computer World reports.

The report, which first appeared on Cnet, has stated that the new image format, said to have been a product of WebM video technology hosted by Google, has the ability to reduce the size of a file by at least 40 per cent.

"When we took a bunch of images, recompressed them from their current lossy formats into WebP, we saw on average about 40 per cent decrease in size, which is staggering," said Richard Rabbat, a chief product manager at the Mountain View, California-based Google.

Google has unveiled the details of the new technology in a blog post on Chromium web page. Reports suggests that Google will make an official announcement on the development as soon as Friday.