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Microsoft Rumoured To Be Buying Linden lab

Microsoft is rumoured to be planning to buy Second Life developer Linden Lab amidst financial turmoil within the game creator.

According to TechEye, a member of the Second Life community tweeted that Microsoft has made an offer to buy the company.

“A little birdie told me that Microsoft may have silently offered to buy Linden Lab this week,” the tweet read. The person who sent the tweet, Tizzers, has links to the Woodbury University.

Microsoft and Linden Labs refused to make any comments on the rumour, but TechEye later reported that a "very reputable person" employed at Linden Lab confirmed that Microsoft has made a bid to acquire the game developer.

Second Life is an online virtual gaming platform that allows users to create avatars and live a second virtual life.

Users are able to start a family, get a job and do other, 'real life' things. Linden Lab has quietly shut down its UK studio, indicating at a possible acquisition or the beginning of a bidding process.