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Movidius Launches Chip For 3D Smartphones

Movidius has launched a new chip set to enable mobile device manufacturers to add glasses-free 3D capabilities on handsets.

The firm has said that it is currently convincing mobile manufacturers to use the chip on their devices, and that some have already signed up for it, although, their names have not been revealed. The company expects 3D mobiles to be previewed next year.

The Myriad MA1133 3D chip is designed to run stereoscopic 3D images on lenticular screens for mobile devices, which will then be able to connect to 3D-enabled TVs via an HDMI cable.

The 3D chip, which has been designed to support ARM CPUs used in the majority of smartphones, will be able to allow 3D photography and will be capable of converting 2D images into 3D. The chip will also support downloaded 3D and 2D content.

Movidius CEO Sean Mitchell said in a statement: “Mobile phones are the place where 3D technology will gain real adoption the fastest. 3D entertainment may have started in the cinema, but the phone is something people experience every day.”