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Nintendo 3DS To Launch In April, Analyst Predicts

A market analyst has dismissed Nintendo’s announcement to delay the launch of its upcoming 3DS games console, stating that it may be delayed even further.

He also went on to predict that the company will charge less for the product in the western market.

Analyst at Wedbush Morgan, Michael Pachter has showed his discontentment at Nintendo’s delay of the launch of its highly anticipated games console in North America, reports Ripten.

According to Pachter, Nintendo’s new deadline to launch its portable gaming device in the United States in March next year is set to prolong further, as he predicted that it will be launched after April in the US and Europe.

Pachter also believes that western consumers can lay hands on the gaming console for at least $50 less than their Japanese counterparts.

"I know people who haven't played a handheld in forever--I'm talking guys who play Halo and Call of Duty 24/7--and they all want one. I think Nintendo will charge $250 and people will pay it," said Pachter during an interview with gaming website Joystiq.