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Online Retailer Sells Nokia N8 Handset On £25 Monthly Contract

The first Nokia N8 handsets have yet to reach the first customers but already, cheap monthly contracts have popped up for the current Nokia flagship smartphone. is sellingh the N8 with 100 minutes, 500 texts, Vodafone passport and 1GB mobile internet for a mere £25 per month over a two year contract which is a great deal given that the phone itself costs £430 at Nokia.

The phone was released at the beginning of September at the Nokia World event in London and its most headline catching feature is its 12-megapixel camera with a Xenon flash with a 3.5-inch AMOLED touchscreen (640x360 pixels).

Powered by the Symbian^3 mobile platform, it comes with 16GB memory but still sticks to the antiquated ARM11 processor which Nokia says should be sufficient.

Other notable features include a number of widgets. HDMI connectivity, 802.11n, free SatNav, Bluetooth, FM radio and a rather sexy design (at least compared to previous Nokia designs).

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