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Samsung To Drop Symbian Support

Samsung has officially announced that it will drop support for the Symbian OS platform, days after Sony Ericsson also dropped developer support for the OS.

In a blog post, Samsung told Symbian developers that it would discontinue its Symbian support program from 31 December 2010.

Samsung is the latest in the line of mobile phone manufacturers to stop supporting the Symbian OS in favour of newer and more user friendly operating systems available in the market.

The company already supports Google's Android OS, which features in its highly popular Galaxy S smartphone, and is developing its own Bada operating system, which first made an appearance on the Samsung Wave smartphone.

A founding member of the Symbian Foundation, Samsung, like Sony Ericsson, said that it would continue to follow the development of the platform, but from the distance.

Nokia, on the other hand, is continuing its support for Symbian, even as its rivals surge ahead in smartphone sales using Android-based devices.