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Samsung drops Symbian

Samsung has announced on its Mobile Innovator board that Symbian isn't just innovative enough for its purposes and will expunge said OS.

Coming to a draw on a very touchy and resource-intensive subject such as developer support for an OS, a forum post states that by the 29th of October, Samsung will close down the Symbian By the 30th the entire forum will be gone and by year's end all Symbian content will be removed from existence, à la 1984.

Samsung, which currently markets phones with its own Bada OS as well as Android and Windows Phone 7 smartphones that are on a roll right now, will concentrate its efforts on the remaining platforms. Bada, Samsung's home-brewed OS, is its flagship, while the others are marketing opportunities that live on the developer hype (Android) and the revenue stream (Windows Phone 7).

The company asks that any developers requiring assistance place their requests up to ten days before the end of the year, as after that there is little to no chance of getting support.

Samsung is one more casualty for the Symbian camp in the mobile OS wars, a war that Symbian is losing badly. Mobile OSes have become very refined beasts and are moving into your desktop space, even. The decision follows Sony Ericsson's own decision a few months ago to stop developing for Symbian.

Some good will come of this, we believe. Symbian will have to rethink its strategy or cease to exist altogether. Its latest Symbian^3 OS is currently being peddled as part of Nokia's N8. But then again, Nokia also looks like it's losing ground the mobile handset war. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.