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Unboxing : Samsung UE55C7000 55-inch LED TV Sky 3D Ready!

Sky launched its 3D channel today and coincidentally, we received the Samsung UE55C7000 55-inch Full HD Series 7 Luxia LED TV which we have ordered and promptly did an unboxing of that 3D compatible device.

We purchased the television set from Simply Electricals for £1779 including delivery and insurance. The price includes £150 cashback and two free pairs of active 3D glasses worth well over £100.

The UE55C7000 comes with a Freeview HD tuner, full HD resolution, 200Hz Motion Plus technology, 2D-to-3D conversation, PVR and Wi-Fi ready, Internet@TV with support for Samsung Apps, four HDMI inputs, Ethernet, USB 2.0 and a slew of other ports.

Because it only weighs 37Kg (despite its respectable size), it should be easily manned by one person alone and we were particularly impressed by how thin it was and how well the 2D-to-3D conversion performed.

We did not have a Sky 3D box available but we did test it on a Virgin V+ HD box instead and proceeded to check the trailer of StreetDance 3D via the Movies on Demand section on the set top box (but not on Virgin media's online VoD player).

Selecting the trailer brings up a parallel display of the movie; once you press the 3D button on the Samsung remote, you can select "Parallel 3D" as your viewing option out of five others.

The television set then tweaks the screen display to merge two perspectives into one 3D picture. It also turns on the 3D glasses which seem to automatically shut off after you de-select the 3D view.

Google actually has an excellent step-by-step guide demonstrating how Parallel Stereoscopic 3D is achieved using two slightly different pictures.