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£220 Humax Foxsat-HDR

The Humax FOXSAT HDR freesat satellite twin tuner personal video recorder is a new product supporting the BBC and ITV backed 'freesat' service. Freesat aims to deliver extra channel choice and High Definition programming - all with no expensive monthly subscription fee.

The Humax FOXSAT HDR has decoding for all existing freesat digital satellite channels, it also has the ability to decode channels transmitted in High Definition and output them via its HDMI connection. With dedicated HD channels already broadcasting from the BBC and ITV (with more set to join) there's no better time to go 'HD'. Freesat can also boast perfect reception across the whole of the UK as long as you have a correctly installed dish - perfect for the areas with poor traditional TV reception.

The FOXSAT HDR includes a huge 320GB hard disk drive (with a 500GB upgrade available, see order box below) and twin freesat tuners to allow easy recording of all your favourite standard or high definition programs. With the FOXSAT HDR you can watch one channel whilst you record a second channel or even record two different programmes at once!

The Humax Foxsat-HDR can be bought from Comet for as little as £220.