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£30 Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB Silver

Introducing VoiceOver, the feature that gives iPod shuffle a voice. With the press of a button, it tells you what song is playing and who's performing it. With handy controls built into the earphone cables, it's ultra convenient too!

45.2 mm (1.8") tall x 7.8 mm (0.3") thin to be exact. To create the world's smallest music player, we moved the controls from iPod shuffle to the earbud cord. This allowed us to make the new iPod shuffle dramatically smaller, but not just for dramatically smaller's sake. It's also easier to use, with the controls located where you can access them quickly.

The controls of the new iPod shuffle are located on the right earbud cord. With command central now strategically placed in this more convenient location, you can navigate your music and activate the VoiceOver feature - without taking your eyes off your run, your ride or whatever you're doing.

You can purchase this Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB Silver from for only £30 including delivery.