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Forget the N8, The 5230 Is The Best Bargain From Nokia

Although the focus is currently on the Nokia N8 smartphgone, the 5230 remains one of the smartest products the company has introduced even if it is the cheapest touchscreen device from the Finnish manufacturer.

T-Mobile for example sells the phone with 12 months subscription to the OVI Music service which allows you to download as much music as you want to your PC or OTA to the Nokia 5230 handset; tracks that you can keep even if your subscription ends.

The phone also comes with a free pair of MD-4 speakers when ordered on the 3rd of October (today) plus free OVI Sat Nav forever and a free car cradle.

Topping up £10 will also get you free internet for six months and unlimited text for as long as you top up.

This means that the phone is an excellent all singing, all dancing multi media powerhouse, all for £109.99 when you include the initial top up, exclusively from T-Mobile.

The phone itself is not bad at all. It has a 3.2-inch screen with a resolution of 640x360 pixels, the same as the N8, a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth but no Wi-Fi or onboard memory; what's more, you can even overclock it to 800MHz and it will perform faster than the N8.