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Google acquires BlindType

Google announced it has bought BlindType Inc, a start-up outfit that produces a touch-screen typing service, which is claimed to help users type more quickly and more accurately.

As usual in these situations a message appeared on the BlindType blog page announcing that Google had snaffled it up and gushing about how excited the owners are about the deal - while not mentioning how much they've personally trousered, thanks to having developed something that the Internet search monster thinks it is worth plundering its overstuffed coffers for.

Somehow, BlindType makes better stab at guessing what you're supposed to be typing even if your typing is a typo-ridden as, er, mine, or if you happen to be composing your missive in the bath with the light off.

Hence the name, I guess.

The outfit has bunged up some videos on its web site that make the software look pretty impressive. We've embedded one below.