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Adidas ditches iAds over Jobs' interference

Rumour has it that Apple's own mobile advertising platform, iAds, has lost itself another major customer - and the finger is being pointed directly at head honcho Steve Jobs.

According to rumours attributed to "two mobile industry execs" over on Silicon Valley Insider, Apple's iAds advertising platform has just lost an account from sportswear brand Adidas valued at over $10 million - because Jobs just can't bear to relinquish control of every aspect of the platform.

The rumours claim that Jobs personally reviews every major advertising campaign that is to run on the iAds platform before it gets pushed out to iPhones, iPads, and other iOS-based devices - and that Adidas decided to take its money elsewhere when he rejected their creative concept for the third time in a row.

From Jobs' perspective, the control makes sense: there are plenty of advertising platforms out there for the mobile sector that offer cross-platform compatibility, such as the Google-owned AdMob. To differentiate the Apple product, Jobs is going for quality - convincing brand owners that their advertising will only be shown next to the industry's very best - with Apple even creating some campaigns itself on behalf of its clients.

Jobs may be setting his sights a little high, however. If the rumours are true, Adidas is the second high-profile client to abandon the iAds platform in favour of something a little less constrictive, following the departure of Chanel back in August for much the same reasons.

There's no denying that Apple positions itself as a 'premium' brand, but perhaps it's time for Jobs to loosen off the apron strings - before it's too late.