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Adidas Pulls $10 Million iAd Campaign

Adidas has scrapped a $10 million advertising campaign on Apple's iAd platform, due to the latter's intrusive control policies, rumours suggest.

Citing two mobile industry executives familiar with the matter, Business Insider said that Adidas decided to retract its iAd contract because Apple CEO Steve Jobs was acting like a control freak.

One Business Insider source claims that Adidas was forced to cancel the contract after Apple rejected its proposed ad concept for the third time in a row.

Apple's intrusive control policies don't allow advertisers the flexibility they require to create engaging ads.

The consumer electronics giant's creative team has taken itself to create ads in their own way, a policy which significantly delays the creation of ads for the platform.

The Wall Street Journal had earlier reported that advertisers were having some difficulties in dealing with Apple's ad control policies, which had resulted in a slow start for the once promising platform.