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Anonymous DDoS attack takes out Ministry of Sound

Anonymous is at it again. This time, the vigilante hacking group has launched DDos attacks at law firm Gallant Macmillian's website and site operated by the Ministry of Sound (MOS).

The group scored a coup recently when its DDoS attack on ACS:Law led to the exposure of the dubious file-share hunting lawyer's internal email database. The contents of that database have caused horror and amusement in equal amounts, exposing as they do the questionable business of threatening file-sharers, as well as unmasking the personality of ACS:Law solicitor Andrew Crossley.

UK solicitor Gallant Macmillan has stepped up to take on file-sharers while The Ministry of Sound night club also operates its own record label which has been critical of file sharing. It has engaged Gallant Macmillan to act o its behalf.

Anonymous posted the following on the 4Chan message board:

"Gallant Macmillan Law firm has committed many crimes recently, all of them ignored; ignored by everyone except us. We, the people, will not allow this to continue. They have declared themselves our enemies by sending out thousands of blackmailing letters against innocents, seeking compensation for copyright infringements that don't exist."

"Just with ACS:Law, these letters are being sent by a company that is guilty of crimes against Intellectual Property, as well as crimes against the people. Indeed, even as they seek to "protect" copyright through barbaric punishment, their hypocritical methods force ISPs to reveal the personal information of thousands without evidence of infringement."

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