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BT asks for Infinity votes

BT is looking for input on where it should look at installing its Infinity fibre-optic broadband system first - and it wants your comments.

On its freshly-launched Race To Infinity site, BT is asking broadband users to vote to have the BT Infinity fibre-optic broadband equipment installed in their local exchange - and users are flocking to the site to do just that.

With 21,438 votes registered at the time of writing, the site is proving popular - and with BT already promising its broadband customers free upgrades to Infinity, which brings with it 40M/b downstream and 10Mb/s upstream speeds, it's easy to see why.

Although BT won't be relying completely on the results of the survey, having a good number of votes for your local exchange will certainly help get it bumped up the list - and with BT estimating that it will have a mere two-thirds of UK homes connected up to the Infinity network by 2015, a lack of votes could spell a long wait.

The site isn't just about crowd-sourcing local demand for faster Internet connections, of course - it's a marketing tool, with an introductory video extolling the virtues of BT Infinity before you can vote and in-built tools to campaign for your local exchange on Twitter and Facebook.

If you fancy giving your local exchange a better chance of getting the upgrade to BT Infinity before 2015, head on over to the site and enter your postcode.