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BT To Map Fibre Broadband Interest

BT has launched a nation-wide online survey in order to determine which parts of Britain are the most eager to get super-fast broadband.

The online survey, called The Race to Infinity, will allow users who want their residence to receive super-fast broadband to visit the website and register their area code.

The website will also feature a leader board, which will show the areas that are getting the most votes.

BT said that it would select 5 exchanges to include them in its £2.5 billion nation wide fibre broadband roll-out plan which aims towards connecting two-thirds of Britons to super-fast broadband.

According to current BT plans, around 4 million households will be connected to the internet by the end of this year.

The survey is scheduled to begin early this month and will continue for the rest of the year.

Communications Minister Ed Vaizey said in a statement to The Telegraph: “I warmly welcome any initiative that will lead to private sector investment in fibre networks, and applaud the way BT are engaging consumers to ensure that investment reaches the people who want it the most.”