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DIY hack turns MacBook into tablet

Matt at Enigma-penguin has fashioned a Mac tablet computer from an old Core 2 Duo Macbook, presumably taking his inspiration from the Axiotron ModBook,whose original model was also a modified first-generation MacBook.

Matt has posted an illustrated tutorial on the Enigma-penguin explaining and showing how the project proceeded. He wanted full Mac OS capability in a tablet, commenting: “screw the iPad, that thing is crap.”

On opening the old MacBook, he discovered it needed some attention, discovering a damaged DVD drive, power connector, battery and part of the casing, and as is the rule with tearing down Mac laptops, had to sleuth out lots of pesky hidden screws.

Next step was to acquire a 13.3-inch eGalax 16:10 resistive touchscreen and a PBC RJ to USB controller, and drivers, and then find a way to re-route various cables, plus software to support screen rotation.

This was anything but a quick and straightforward hack, and Matt ran into many problems, which are described in the tutorial. The project unfolded over several months, and he’s still ironing out kinks, but says the tablet is now portable and usable, the dimensions are just what he needed, and he couldn't be happier.

The machine supports Windows 98 / ME / XP / 2000 /Vista, Windows 7, Linux, and of course Mac OS operation.

Pic courtesy Enigma-penguin