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Iran Arrests Suspected Hackers Linked To Stuxnet

Iran has reportedly arrested a number of spies in connection with the Stuxnet malware attack on its nation's critical infrastructure.

The Intelligence minister of Iran has stated that country's police force has apprehended an unspecified number of spies who were involved in launching the malicious malware attack that had hit its nuclear facilities, reports Bloomberg.

State-run news agency Mehr has reported that Minister Heidar Moslehi has the confirmed arrests, however, no further details have been provided by the authority.

“All the destructive activities perpetrated by the oppressors in cyberspace will fast be discovered, and ways to counter them will be implemented. We are aware of series of activities carried out against the Islamic Republic by enemy spy services," Moslehi stated.

He confirmed that the intelligence ministry has acquired complete control over the previously infected government infrastructure and is able to defy any attack launched by enemy spy organisations.

Stuxnet, the self-replicating malicious malware had affected computer systems at the Bushehr Nuclear Plant in the country.