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Left 4 Dead 2 hits Macs

Zombie-shooting co-op FPS Left 4 Dead 2 is finally making its way to Mac gamers, courtesy of Valve's Steam electronic distribution platform.

Left 4 Dead 2, which sees players take on the role of survivors of a zombie apocalypse who need to use a variety of unlikely weapons to splatter their way through hordes of the undead towards an extraction point, has been available for Windows and console gamers since November last year, but Mac users were left in the dark as to when they'd be getting their hands on the game.

Would-be Apple-driven zombie-killers can rejoice at the news that Valve will be launching the game on the Steam service tomorrow, with full Mac OS X compatibility. As an added bonus, the original Left 4 Dead will also be getting the Mac treatment on the same day.

It doesn't look like patient Mac gamers will be getting any extra treats to compensate for the long delay in launch, however. While free downloadable content should be available from launch, PC gamers will be getting the exact same downloads - as will console players, although they're expected to pay for the privilege.

The long-awaited launch of Left 4 Dead 2 comes as increasing numbers of Mac users join the Steam gaming platform, which launched for Apple machines back in May. With the iPhone and the iPad bringing the Apple brand further into the eyes of the public, increased support from major game publishers like Valve is crucial for Apple to make the leap from a premium computer brand to a high-end mainstream one - and it certainly looks like Valve is doing its part.

Let's just hope that there isn't a nearly year-long delay for the Mac port of Left 4 Dead 3. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.