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Met Chief Warns Of Cyber Crime Rise

The UK's Metropolitan Police Commissioner has warned about the rise in "home grown" British cyber gangs targeting financial institutions and individuals to steal money.

In an article published on The Telegraph, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson warned about the rise in Eastern European and British cyber crime groups, highlighting the need for more specialised units to be formed in order to protect the UK's financial institutions and individuals from cyber fraud.

He said: “At the moment, British criminals would probably have to buy ‘packages’ of bogus identities or virus kits from foreign criminal organisations. But for how long? There is the potential for gangsters to hire their own writers of software.”

The commissioner added that the broadband revolution the UK is currently undergoing currently will not only aid UK's economy, but also its criminal organisations that are slowly realising the benefits of cyber crime.

Sir Paul Stephenson spoke out against the politicians who had slashed the budget for creating creating special anti-cyber crime units in favour of more uniformed policemen.