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Microsoft Releases Windows Live Messenger For Zune HD

Microsoft has now made available a Windows Live Messenger application for its Zune HD.

The Windows Live team at the Redmond, Washington-based software giant has released a Windows Live Messenger application for Zune HD, allowing users to stay updated with social networking platforms, LA News Monitor reports.

The new app allows users to remain active on multiple social networking platforms including Facebook, MySpace, and Flickr and receive alerts and notification about any post or update from users added in to the friends list.

The app also allows Facebook chat in a version similar to Windows Messenger on a PC.

Microsoft has released the application in tow with three games titles Castles & Cannons, Dr. Optics and WordMonger.

The application, which is available for download on Zune Marketplace, changes the status update of the user to the title of the song being listened to.

The company continues to support Zune despite nearing the launch date of its highly anticipated Windows Phone 7 OS on 11 October in the UK.

Rumours suggests that Microsoft may hold another launch event in New York on the same date.