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Microsoft Reportedly Acquires Vivaty

Reports suggest that Microsoft has made a number of secret acquisitions this year, including the takeover of Vivaty.

According to Virtual Worlds News Microsoft has acquired Vivaty and is currently bidding for Second Life, in what will be its 15th acquisition this year.

Vivaty’s acquisition has been confirmed by

The website has published an e-mail sent by the founder of the company Keith McCurdy, stating that the company is furnishing the final formalities of the deal, while the buyer intends to use the intellectual property of Vivaty under another brand name.

McCurdy has acknowledged that Microsoft is the buyer.

The Redmond-based software maker is said to be all set to bid for maker of social virtual world Second Life, Linden Lab.

“Microsoft may have made overtures not only toward Linden Lab, but other social-gaming vendors lately. The word from my sources is the Softies are not simply talking partnerships; they’re talking outright purchase,” wrote Mary Jo Foley, tech editor of ZD Net.

Microsoft has intended to keep all its acquisitions secret, taking a different path than Google, which has announced each and every acquisition it has made this year.