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Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Devices To Launch 11 October

Microsoft has confirmed that it will be launching a number of highly awaited Windows Phone 7 OS-based smartphone devices at an 11 October event in New York.

According to the event invitation posted on its website, the unveiling will take place at the New York City Microsoft Technology Center.

In the invitation, which was sent out by Microsoft's Windows Phone solution strategist Hemang Patel, the company said: “We will provide an insider's look at Windows Phone 7 and the Microsoft experience it brings to life.”

Microsoft also said that T-Mobile executives will present the devices and will also give information on its services.

A Microsoft developer architect will also give a presentation on the applications that will feature on the platform.

The company added that the registration for the event has now been closed.

Microsoft has a huge task ahead of itself if it wants to dominate the smartphone market. The company will be pitted against already established brand names like the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android OS.