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Samsung to drop Symbian

South Korean electronics conglomerate Samsung has made public its plans to no longer support Nokia's Symbian OS, in a forum post to its developer's website.

The message to Samsung's application developer community reads: "Dear Symbian developers, Samsung Mobile Innovator will discontinue its Symbian support service from December 31st 2010".

This news comes just a week after Sony Ericsson announced there are no longer any plans to include Symbian, in any of their upcoming handsets.

Samsung has produced over 16 mobile phones that ran the Nokia Symbian OS, with the Samsung 'Omnia HD' i8910 being the very last model. The Omnia HD arrived last year, running the S60 OS with a 3.7-inch AMOLED screen and an 8 megapixel camera - both of which were ground breaking at the time.

Nokia's latest version of its open source OS, Symbian^3, is due to arrive on a number of handsets this year from the consumer N8 to the more business focussed Communicator E7.

The new version is leaps and bounds better than previous incarnations of the platform, but it looks like Samsung has made its mind up and is to concentrate on its own mobile OS - Bada.

Samsung Mobile Innovator message

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