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Super Talent super-charges SODIMMs

Super Talent has given laptop performance a much-needed kick in the fundament with the launch of the first SODIMM-format RAM capable of running at 1600MHz.

Designed for use in high-performance desktop replacement systems, the new DDR3 SODIMM modules blow past the 1333MHz bus speed of previous chips and run at a much more desktop-like 1600MHz - and Super Talent claims it's managed a world first.

The first module to make use of the company's performance-enhancing technology will be a 4GB chip, which has already undergone testing in HP's Envy 17-1011NR 17-inch desktop replacement with, the company claims, complete success.

Increasing the speed of the memory in a laptop is an important concern for anyone who uses their machine for high-performance tasks such as gaming, video editing, or - as is becoming surprisingly common - as a temporary server for emergency repairs or demonstration purposes. If Super Talent's new SODIMMs prove as reliable at high speeds as the company claims, it could have stolen a significant advantage over its rivals.

Sadly, Super Talent is keeping quiet on exactly how much the new chips will cost - although, as mass production has already begun, the modules should start appearing in the supply chain over the next few weeks.