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Toshiba Launches 3D TV Without Glasses

Toshiba has unveiled a new range of 3D TVs that do not require viewers to wear special 3D glasses.

According to Toshiba, the two TVs are designed to display standard TV pictures and videos as 3D images in real-time. The TVs use a specially designed lenticular sheet that is capable of creating 9 overlapping images, so forming a 3D effect.

According to the BBC, the TVs use a technology similar to the one used in Nintendo's 3DS hand-held device, which also produce 3D images without the glasses.

Toshiba has also used a Cell processor that was initially designed for use in Sony's PlayStation 3 games console to convert the images to 3D.

The TVs do, however, come with some limitations.

In order to get a clear 3D image, users will have to sit at prescribed distances from the TV - at a distance of 90 centimetres from a 20-inch TV set and 65 centimetres from a 12 inch screen.