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Verizon To Refund $90 Million To Customers

Verizon Wireless has announced that it will pay back $90 million to around 15 million customers who have been overcharged for data use.

According to Verizon, affected customers will received credit ranging from $2 to $6, while some may be eligible for more. The company will also dispatch cheques to former Verizon customers.

Mary Coyne, Deputy General Counsel, Verizon Wireless said in an official statement: “As we reviewed customer accounts, we discovered that over the past several years approximately 15 million customers who did not have data plans were billed for data sessions on their phones that they did not initiate.”

The announcement comes after the company held talks with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which approached Verizon with the complaints from hundreds of current and former Verizon customers.

Michael Ellison, the head of the FCC said: “Getting consumers repaid is just the first step; ensuring this doesn’t happen again comes next.”