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Vodafone Voucher Cuts iPhone 4 Price By 10 Per Cent

Mobile phone operator Vodafone has had a voucher floating around the web for the past month which gives a 10 per cent discount on ALL Pay as you go phone, including the iPhone 4.

Unfortunately, Vodafone is currently out of stock on the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 16GB; however, there are limited stocks of the iPhone 4 32GB which can be purchased for £513 after a hefty £57 discount thanks to the code NATION10.

Users can top up £20 and ask Vodafone to unlock the iPhone so that you can use it on other networks. At £533, the Vodafone unlocked 32GB iPhone is still a massive £66 cheaper than the SIM Free iPhone 4.

Some of our readers have reported having issues with unlocking the phone from Vodafone and one suggested using a debit card rather than a credit card should the system lock you out.

Obviously, you will be able to use the discount to get yourself a nice little discount on all Pay As you go handsets from Vodafone but not on their PAYG mobile broadband dongle.

This means that you can get the HTC Wildfire on PAYG for as little as £126; sells the phone for £240 including delivery.