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3 UK Launches £2 PAYG Mobile Broadband Tariff

The smallest of the mobile phone operators in the country, 3 UK, has launched a new pay-per-day mobile broadband offer for £2 a day.

The tariff comes with a 500MB data quota per day, which is just as much as some other networks, like O2 or Orange offer for their smartphones on a monthly basis.

Obviously, there is no contract attached to it and there is no need to top it up every month. The credit runs out after 24 hours or when the user reached the 500MB limit.

This is not only cheaper than most airport or hotel hotspots but also provides you with the ability to shove it in one of 3 UK's popular Mi-Fi devices and create a wireless hotspot on the go.

It would be interesting to find out whether you can actually use it on an iPad or even in a smartphone capable of turning into a wireless hotspot (most Android OS v2.2 devices should).

3 UK also offers 1GB per month for £10 on a 30-day rolling contract and 15GB for £15 a month on a 24-month contract.