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Apple allows video out on third party App

US-only video-streaming outfit Netflix has just updated its iOS4 App for the iPhone and iPad.

Now that might not seem like too big a deal, especially if you are a UK-based iDevice user, but the small print in the 'What's New' section of the iTunes download page reveals something which will be of interest to anyone with one of Apple's latest portable gadgets.

Netflix 1.1.1 offers support for video out.

Until now, the Cupertino company has kept the ability to deliver video and images to a larger TV screen or monitor all to itself, with only home-made Apple software allowed to use the video out APIs.

Now it seems that Steve Jobs' new open attitude to App developers has spread to allowing them to go beyond the small screen, bringing at least one third-party App into the living room.

Mind you, if the policy is extended beyond a handful of Apple offerings and Netflix, to a day when we are playing iOS4 games and surfing the web using Mobile Safari on a 56-inch screen, the company stands to sell a shedload of its wallet-worryingly expensive AV cables.

With Apple currently knocking every hand-held gaming format into a cocked hat, we reckon that's just one more reason for Apple to open up the APIs to all.