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Apple Challenges $625.5 Million Patent Ruling

Apple will be challenging a court ruling forcing it to pay $625.5 million in damages for an alleged copyright infringement.

The Cupertino-based consumer electronics giant is challenging the verdict of the federal court in Tyler, Texas, under which it has to pay damages to Mirror Worlds Technologies, a company established by a computer science professor at Yale University David Gelernter, tech news site Computer World reports.

The court has ordered Apple to pay the amount in compensation to Mirror Worlds for infringing upon three patents used in the Apple in iPod, iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X to display files, scroll through photos, albums and others. The ruling forces Apple to pay $208.5 million for each patent infringed upon.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple claims there are "outstanding issues" with two of the three Mirror Worlds Technologies patents which cause the need for an emergency stay, so delaying the judge's ruling.